Step 1 – Project Definition

The scope and objectives will be defined in an initial meeting/s, prior to a consulting proposal being prepared, and consequently prior to any consulting charge. The project definition phase will establish the scope of the requirement and the objective. The consulting proposal should cover the following:

·       Terms of Reference

·       Objectives

·       Execution Strategy

·       Technical/Project Approach

·       Project Deliverables

·       Time and Resources

·       Consulting Costs



Step 2 – Data Collection and Validation

Once the consulting proposal has been provided and agreed, the next step is data collection and validation. This may involve time on site and/or time working with your team to ensure that any data to support analysis in the next stages accurately reflects your business.


Step 3 – Field Mission 

Partnering with high-impact companies to accelerate your goals

We partner with the best networks in Africa to connect them with our clients for mutual benefit.  Our Experts are from a diverse background of business models, skill-sets, and geography.  We work with our experts to understand the market, solve problems and add value to our client’s strategies.


Step 4 – Proof of Concept Agreement

Collaboration with a local player on a small scale to allow room for mutual learning, fine tuning, pivoting, and synchronization for further joint efforts. 

Once, the first POC proves successful, we develop a Business Plan 


Step 5 – Assessment Conclusion

At this stage, we will provide a fully detailed report giving the ‘story’ of the project. This will include: what data was collected; what options were considered; how they were analyzed and what are our final recommendation based on that analysis. The plan will usually provide the proposed tasks, timing, resourcing, stake-holder engagement, risk management and possibly a cost estimate where appropriate.


Step 6 – Business Dev. (Optional)

Depending on the length of the implementation, you may not choose us to execute the final recommendations, but rather resource for implementation management in-house. However, regardless of who you intend to implement the changes, we will provide you with a detailed implementation plan.